Amura Lapis sofa in Taupe Leather *NEW* | #S1984


Modular sofa model Lapis by Amura – Italy.

Italian design at its best. The sofa is modular so it can be arranged to your own liking.

Manufacturer: Amura

Designer: Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell for AMURA

Professional reunion between Emanuel Gargano, Umbria-born and based in London, with Anton Cristell, New Yorker living in Rome: this new collaboration takes place after a long hiatus, and makes the best of the renewed artistic maturation and their expertise, as strengthened by their respective experiences.
Both are into industrial design, visual design and architecture, with a common link between their project being a visceral respect for the matter.

Country: Italy

Model: Lapis

Material: Fabric or Leather

FRAME: solid wood and multiply.

SUSPENSIONS: rubber and polypropylene belts.

SEAT, BACK AND ARMREST: polyurethane foam, density 30 kg/m3 and memory foam

Design period: 21st century

Date of manufacturing: current production


total depth 106 cm / 41.75 inch

seat depth 74 cm / 29.13 inch

height 70 cm / 27.63 inch

seat height 44 cm / 17.75 inch

Condition: NEW

About the Amura Lapis sofa:

An ancient Roman road, paved with cobblestones smoothed by the passing of time, crops up from the woods, or from a grain field, and takes shape: geometries become tridimensional shapes and, in an unique game of volumes, morph into seats, armrests, backrests.
Taking its inspiration from organic shapes, “Lapis” is the new “living concept” designed by Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell for Amura.
Not a simple sofa, but a new take on the relaxing experience that tries to reunify man and nature, in an almost ancestral dimension.
It is Earth, in fact, the origin of the diverse modules: different masses softened and forged by the passing of time, almost spontaneously emerging from an archaic cobblestone.
This is a new softness, devised by nature, and trimmed by Time, mellowing any harshness and allowing Man to find his own self.

“Lapis” can be applied in several dimension and combinatios, according to spaces and needs: from the most classic and traditional shapes, to freeform and irregular compositions.
A design that’s simple and refined at the same time, it manages to give a new prospective to the living and to regain a temporal dimension as the main element for man’s well-being.
The centrality of the matter is further underlined by the use of materials and finishes that hint at the “naturality”: leather or fabric for the sofa, stone and wood for the coffee tables, silk for the carpet.
The colors are the relaxing and swathing tones of grey: from the taupe grey of the sofa, through the lighter nuances of the carpet, to the deep intensity of the graphite, with its light streaks, giving it an elegant and sophisticated effect.
Seats, armrests and backrests are filled with memory-foam, to give the maxium flexibility, resiliance and stability of shape.

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