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All items are shipped insured and packed thoroughly (in boxes, on pallets or in wood crates) to make sure they arrive undamaged. Here are some examples.












Quality of our items

We use the following terms to address the condition of our items:

– Excellent (flawless / almost flawless. Just some minor signs of use and age)

– Very good (some normal signs of use and age)

– Good (some damages but representable)

– Used (usable but needs some restoration)

– Restoration project (needs extensive restoration)

– To be reupholstered (fabric and/or foam needs replacement)



General Details Tante Eef Design

COC-nummer: Available

VAT identification number: Available

EORI-number: Available

Address: Oude Leedeweg 6, 2641 NR Pijnacker, The Netherlands


+31 6 29 522 899

+31 6 55 984 250

E-mail: /

Website: /


Terms and Conditions of Tante Eef Design, from here on mentioned as TED.


  1. The following terms and conditions apply to any agreement/contract agreed upon by TED and the costumer and apply to direct offers made by TED.
  2. These terms and conditions are to be found on our website
  3. When ordering from our website the customer consents to our terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are set up to prevent any uncertainties, difficulties or problems during affairs between TED and customer.
  4. All agreements between TED and the customer are based exclusively on Dutch Law.



  1. All TED website contents are copyright of TED and may not be used without TED’s official consent.



TED Listings

  1. TED offers detailed and accurate descriptions of the products offered on the website. This description should be suitable for the customer to assess if the products are up to expectations. All images used on the TED website are actual images of the products offered. Major defects, faults and damages are presented in the pictures and or mentioned in the description. Minor defects, faults or damages are referred to as ‘wear consistent with age and use’ or in words similar to this sentence.
  2. TED only sells vintage items, unless otherwise mentioned. Since the items are vintage, they usually have usage and wear. We use the following terms to address the condition of our items: – Excellent (almost flawless/flawless) – Very good (some minor signs of use and age) – Good (some minor damages but representable) – Used (usable but needs some restoration) – To be reupholstered (fabric and/or foam needs replacement)
  3. TED checks all items on reliability and safety. The electric wiring of the offered lamps have all been checked and where necessary replaced. Nevertheless we do recommend our costumers to let the wiring get checked by a certified electrician. All items could contain hidden defects or flaws due to their secondary nature. TED is in no way responsible or reliable for any of these faults.
  4. TED sells fittings without light bulbs, Led and halogen lamps.
  5. All items are exiguous, so we cannot supply great amounts, except mentioned otherwise.
  6. The customer can visit TED’s storage in Pijnacker, located just between Delft and Rotterdam. This visit must be consulted with TED’s owners or employees. The customer can call or e-mail TED to make an appointment, the available days are displayed under contact on the website:
  7. Items bought in the showroom do not fall under EU-webshop regulations, since they are bought in our store, they are connected to store-bought regulations.


Orders and Shipping

  1. Orders can be placed through e-mail or TED’s webshop.
  2. Reservations can be made by e-mail, but only by mutual agreement between TED and the customer.
  3. The customer can ask for a custom shipping quote by email. Not long after that the customer will receive a non-binding e-mail with a custom quote. This quote is without obligation. The validity of this offer expires after three days. Shipping quotes may vary if you inquire a later date, TED is not responsible for these variable prices, since this is due to market price.
  4. When the customer agrees to the quotation he or she receives an invoice which can be paid by bank transfer, paypal or ideal.
  5. After the customer requested an order by e-mail or webshop, the agreement with TED is only established after TED sends a confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the customer.
  6. If TED does not confirm the order, the customer may terminate the agreement without charge.



  1. Products can be reserved only by e-mail.
  2. Reservations can only last three days, due to the unique nature of our products. TED could keep the items on hold for a longer period, but this is only in special cases, when agreed upon with TED and the customer.
  3. After three days have passed, TED reserves the right to include the item(s) in their stock again.



Price Structure

  1. All prices in the webshop are in Euro’s, excluding cash on delivery charges and excluding shipping costs as well. Transaction costs may be added depending on the method of payment (wire transfer, credit card or paypal).
  2. The shipping costs are calculated based on the delivery address, the size and weight of the order. See order and shipping for more information on shipping costs.
  3. When mistakes or errors are made concerning prices or shipping costs, these mistakes or errors are in no way binding for TED.


Taxes and VAT

  1. TED uses the Dutch margin scheme, this regulation applies to used products. VAT tax will be paid on the margin between buying and selling. Margin prices are VAT included, but there is no VAT amount mentioned on the quote and invoice. The margin scheme is indicated on the invoice as “VAT included according to the margin scheme (VAT included, but no VAT specified on invoice due to Dutch regulation)”.
  2. The margin scheme applies to individuals within the EU, but also to companies within the EU without the right to VAT refund. The total amount to be paid is lower because TED is allowed to charge and pay less VAT.
  3. For companies located outside the Netherlands, but inside the European Union, TED can create invoices for intra-community supplies. For the quote to be binding between TED and buyer there has to be a valid VAT-number. We do check the validity of the VAT-numbers we receive. Intra-community supply is only available if shipment is included in the deal.
  4. Customers outside the EU must note that the country of delivery may charge duty or tax according to regulations in that country of delivery. These duty or taxes are not included in the price of offering.



Payment Options

  1. All prices are excluded shipping and delivery costs unless mentioned so in the offering. Depending on the delivery address TED uses the following options:
  2. Advance payment by bank transfer
  3. Advance payment by Ideal or PayPal.
  4. Pay cash on delivery or by PIN (only in the Netherlands, delivery excluded) .
  5. Payment in cash by pickup on appointment in Pijnacker, the Netherlands.


Payment Period

  1. Payment must be made within 3 days after ordering in the web shop or reception of the quote through e-mail.
  2. If TED does not receive your payment within three days, TED reserves the right to refrain the order and add the items back in stock. Before TED executes this right, the customer will be informed by e-mail or phone first.



  1. Shipping quotes are based on door to door (ground floor pavement door) shipping.
  2. After we have received payment from the customer, we will send an email with details concerning transport, transporter, a track and trace number and an expected delivery date.
  3. The shipping takes place approximately five days after TED received payment. Unforeseen problems may occur which could delay shipping and extend this period of five days. TED is reliant on third parties such as: shipping companies, packaging and shipping material supplies.
  4. The address given to TED by the customer is the place of delivery.
  5. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the risk of loss of or damage to items during transportation remains with TED until delivered.
  6. Even though we carefully wrap our products to provide any inconveniences, there could appear some damage on delivery. If the order does sustain any damage, the customer must send TED an e-mail provided with clear photo’s of the damage and the wrapping. This e-mail must be received by TED within 48 hours after receipt took place.
  7. The customer pays for the shipping materials, unless otherwise mentioned.
  8. To reduce the risk of damage, we recommend the customer to make sure someone is present during the delivery.
  9. Deliveries have to be checked by the recipient in presence of the deliverer for liability purposes.
  10. If the customer discovers visible damage to the package or content of the package on arrival, please inform the delivery person at receipt of the item, in order to claim the shipping company. In this case of damage to package or content the recipient is advised not to sign with the deliverer for receipt in good order.
  11. Shipped items are shipped with insurance unless mentioned otherwise




  1. For all purchases in the webshop made from Europe, the customer has the option to renounce the order without specific reasons for a period of at least two weeks. This period starts on the day of arrival. The shipping costs for this return will be on the customer’s account.
  2. All returns must be announced by e-mail. If necessary TED will provide the customer with shipping instructions.
  3. Returning items is only possible if the product and packaging are in the same condition in which TED delivered it to the customer.
  4. Provide the package with a note including name, address, invoice and number of your bank account.
  5. Another possibility to return products is to bring them to our storage at Pijnacker, the Netherlands. See our website for the exact address
  6. As soon as TED received the returned items, the purchase amount will be transferred back to the customer’s account, at least within the legal term of 30 days.
  7. If TED has paid for the shipping costs of the returning product, this amount will be deducted from the original purchase price.
  8. The right to return a product does not apply to shipment outside of Europe, unless agreed otherwise.



  1. Ted guarantees that the products comply with reasonable requirements of usability and reliability subject to the description of the product mentioned on the website.
  2. It is advised that the lighting sold by TED is checked by a certified electricien. Wiring can be hazardous due to age and wear.
  3. The electronic devices sold by TED are collectors products, due to their vintage / age condition, we advice the customer does not use them every day unless otherwise advised by a certified expert.
  4. All items should be checked (quality and quantity) by the customer after receipt. Additional visible defects should be reported to TED through e-mail within five days after the products have been received.
  5. TED does not provide any warranty, unless otherwise mentioned.
  6. As the sold products by TED are vintage and aged products there can be hidden defects or flaws. TED is not liable for these defects or flaws.
  7. TED offers a six month warranty on reupholstered fabric / leather and only on the new fabric / leather. This guarantee is only valid if the wear or tear is due to normal everyday use. The customer must prove the damage is caused by normal everyday use.



  1. The customer is always responsible for compliance and ensures safe and responsible use of products purchased by TED.
  2. If TED is liable, then this liability is restricted to what has been regulated in this section.
  3. TED is not liable for any damages caused by the customer’s incorrect and/or incomplete data supplied by or on behalf of the customer.
  4. If TED happens to be liable for any damage, the liability of TED is limited to only twice the invoice value of the order, or to the part of the order which to the damage relates.
  5. The liability of TED is limited to the amount paid by the insurer, as appropriate.
  6. TED is never reliable for indirect damages, including lost profits, consequential damages, lost savings and damage due to business or other stagnation.
  7. Customers should not be picking items from shelving themselves, they should leave this to the seller at all times. Should there be any damage to products caused by customers, TED will not be liable.
  8. Use of products in any way or form in TED’s showroom should be agreed upon by the seller.
  9. The limitations of liability contained in this article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or serious negligence of TED.


Complaints Procedure

  1. In case of a complaint, we highly suggest our customers to fill out the contact form on our website, send us a direct email or call us by phone. TED will always take your complaint into serious consideration and if reasonable try to find a suitable solution. TED always sees this as an opportunity to improve.
  2. TED answers complaints within five working days after receipt. If it takes longer than five days to solve the problem, TED will inform you when to expect a more detailed answer.



Privacy of personal information

  1. TED adheres to the Dutch Data Protection Act. The personal information the customer provides to TED will be treated with care and confidentiality. The privacy of customers is a high priority of TED.
  2. TED will use the customers personal information in order to fulfill the agreement obligations. The data will not be made available to third parties. Personal information includes any information the customer enters in the order form or by e-mail.
  3. TED offers to send customers their newsletter. The customer can subscribe via our website Each e-mail includes instructions to cancel the registration. If this does not work, the customer could send TED an e-mail and TED will take care of the withdrawal.



Sell and trade in products

  1. TED buys and sells all sorts of design products. If you have interesting products, please do send us an e-mail with a photograph of the item(s) and your asking price. TED only buys products which are in good condition.
  2. If the purchase of a product exceeds the amount of €500,-, TED will ask you to sign a purchase invoice. By signing this invoice you declare that you have not deducted VAT as input tax.


Renting products

  1. TED provides the ability to rent products for a certain period. The price is 10% of the asking price per week. We charge only in whole weeks, the minimum amount of weeks you can rent our products is one week.
  2. In advance you pay the purchase price as deposit and we will return the deposit minus the rental fee after returning the products and after we have checked the condition. Any damage to the rented item(s) will be billed to the renting party and will be restrained from the deposit.
  3. The renting party must take care of transportation. TED is not responsible for any damage incurred during transportation.